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Commercial Kitchens

Discover our range of commercial vinyl flooring for Commercial Kitchens.

Whether you are in Aged Care or Hospitality, the importance of maintaining a safe and reliable commercial kitchen for your team is paramount.

From slips, spills, food and high foot traffic day in and day out, your kitchens flooring receives its fair share of harsh treatment so if you are looking for a flooring solution that will withstand the heat of a commercial kitchen and the demands that it brings, our Vinyl Flooring Safety solutions will be your perfect fit.

The benefits of partnering with NBD flooring for your commercial Vinyl flooring solutions is that you are partnering with a supplier who understands your business needs.

Our quick and efficient installation means that your business receives minimal disruption so that your staff can resume working straight away!

Some other key benefits that your commercial kitchen will receive when choosing Vinyl Flooring are:

  • Safety – A flooring solution that meets slip resistant flooring regulations.
  • Sanitation – Your vinyl flooring will be easy to clean and maintain Comfort Your staff will be working in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Aesthetics – We can create a design that suits your overall interior scheme

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