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Commercial Carpet Flooring

Discover our high-quality range of Wall to Wall Carpet varieties and Carpet Tiles suited for all of your commercial flooring needs. 

Wall To Wall Carpet

Ideal for the Entertainment and Hospitality industry, Wall to Wall Carpet solutions are ideal for large spaces where carpets can be installed in a few pieces, rather than several smaller pieces.

 Alternatively, known as ‘fitted carpet’s’ or ‘broadloom carpets, they can easily support unique design opportunities within your commercial space.

 With our expansive range of suppliers from local and global flooring manufacturers, we can offer this range in a variety of prints, colourways and wool blends (plush, multiloop, textured and twist) to suit the aesthetics whilst still acting as a high-function flooring solution. 

We recommend this carpeting for Entertainment and Hospitality industries due to its variety in weights to cater for high-traffic areas. Further, it assists in:

✔️ Reducing noise

✔️ Under foot comfort

✔️ Thermal and acoustic properties

However, please speak to one of our highly trained installers to discuss the best carpeting option for your space.


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Carpet Tiles

NBD Designer Floors is Melbourne’s top choice for premium Carpet Tiles. We exclusively source all our carpet tiles from leading names in carpet manufacturing across Australia, USA and Europe. 

Whether it’s for a corporate office or retail space, we offer premium commercial Carpet Tiles tailored to your needs and budget.

We often recommend Carpet Tiles for corporate office environments and education industries. This is because Carpet Tiles are perfect for:

✔️Modular fit outs

✔️ Speedy and simple installation

✔️ Cost effective

✔️ High durability including no fraying or loose fibres

✔️ Sustainable and recyclable

✔️ Caster chair wheel resistant for offices

The heavy-duty nature of our fabrications are suited to high foot traffic areas including schools, childcare, offices, retail stores, government offices, sporting facilities and function centres.

Further, we can offer your Carpet Tiles a choice with pre-manufactured comfort underlay which supports overall foot comfort plus has key acoustic properties for your space.

We utilise Renovisions ® at NBD Designer Floors. This innovative furniture lifting system allows us to replace Carpet Tiles with minimal disruption to staff or your working area, meaning if you need a Carpet Tile replaced, we can replace it with ease.

Used by flooring professionals, the jacking system lifts workstations, filing cabinets and other office furniture. This means old carpet tiles can be removed and new ones installed in one simple process. 

Renovision® benefits include: 

No dismantling or reassembling of furniture

  • No boxing or crating the contents of desks or work surfaces
  • No disconnected telephones, computers and electrical equipment
  • No disruption in the workplace
  • No coordination issues

Whether you’re in a corporate office or state of the art retail space, our team can find your perfect carpet match for you that’s high functioning and aesthetically pleasing.

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