10 Biggest Mistakes clients make

planner, hard hat, measuring tape, and an eyeglass

Ten Biggest Mistakes clients make when choosing a Flooring Contractor


1. Choosing a flooring contractor on price alone!

Commercial flooring is a specialist trade and there are many factors that can impede on the performance and cost of the flooring installation, from moisture levels, correct welding techniques, location of seams, using the correct levelling compounds, mixing times of screeds, specialist adhesives, setting floor levels to name a few. NBD Designer Floors prides itself on understanding these technical requirements to deliver the best flooring solution for our clients. We are competitive in pricing, but if you find a large difference in other competition quotes…start asking questions… We know Floors, We know what it cost to deliver the best value for our clients.

2. Is the Flooring Contractor recognised/accredited by the manufacturers to install your investment?

Commercial flooring is a costly exercise, would you trust anybody to install your investment? NBD Designer Floors undergoes regular training from our key supplies in the installation methodologies to ensure your investment is installed to their specifications & to comply with warranty compliances.

3. Do they install to Australian Standards A.S 1884-2012 and A.S NZS 2455.1-2007?

There have been recent changes to the Australian Standards in testing methodologies for Sub-Floor Moisture Levels, product acclimatisation & site conditions and information provided to the end user to name a few. NBD Designer Floors installs all our projects based on these latest changes and existing installation guidelines for installation. This protects you & your investment, NBD Designer Floors and ensures your flooring will be installed to manufactures specifications and Australian Standards.

4. Do they have the necessary OH&S procedures in place to safe guard against whilst on your site?

NBD Designer Floors uses the iPRO Live OH&S management system. iPRO Live is used by many leading government and corporate sectors to ensure the contractors who work on their sites meet their stringent OH&S obligations and that we comply with current OH&S legislation. We are independently audited for our OH&S systems and that they are current & up to date to ensure our employees, workers, clients and members of the public are safe during the works.
planner, hard hat, measuring tape, and an eyeglass

5. Do they have $20 million Dollar Insurance cover and have Police Checks?

NBD Designer Floors carries $20million public property insurance cover and all our installers have current Police Checks.

6. Do they provide you with a detailed plan of the area identifying seam joins and floor layout direction?

All our pricing for the works is carried out with the latest estimating software. We are able to provide highly accurate quotations, providing a full breakdown of the scope of works and materials used and saving on excessive wastage. We also are able to provide our clients with detailed floor plans showing where seams will fall and any cross joins. This results in accurate pricing so you are not being charged for items you don’t need.

7. Do they include any sub-floor preparation in the quotation?

Some of the tricks used by some competing contractors are to not include any sub-floor preparation in the quote to win the job, only to back charge once won. Any vinyl/resilient flooring project will require at a bare minimum a 1-2mm Scratch Coat of Ardit to remove minor imperfections on the slab that will otherwise show through the new flooring. Unless otherwise requested, NBD Designer Floors includes minor sub-floor preparation in all our vinyl/resilient flooring quotes.

8. Do they carry out a site assessment and pre job interview to provide you with the best flooring solution

We are passionate about flooring and want to ensure our clients receive the best product and installation methodology for the application /environment. If we have quoted from the plan (pre-construction) we will organise a site visit to quantify dimensions upon construction, access sub-floor conditions and go through a pre-job client interview to ensure the flooring product selected is the best product for your needs. Our combined 60 years experience in commercial flooring ensures NBD Designer Floors can provide you with the best products and materials to suite your specific operating environment.

9. Do they provide you with extended warranties?

Apart from the standard manufactures warranty on the flooring materials, NBD Designer Floors is able to provide extended installation warranties on our works from standard industry 12 months installation warranty to 2 years. No other flooring contractor provides this piece of mind for your investment.

10. Do they provide you with a Project Manager (one point of contact during the works)

to ensure your investment is installed to AS Standards and to meet your installation schedules, we provide you with a one point of contact during the works. Our project managers are ex-installers who understand flooring and what is required to ensure your project runs smoothly.