A Safety Essential

A key player in safe flooring as this prevents any water damage occurring.


Extends Floor’s Lifespan

By preventing water damage, you extend the lifespan of your flooring considerably.

Moisture Barriers

Recently poured concrete slabs will have high RH (Relative Humidity Reading) which will cause newly installed floors to fail due to hydrostatic pressure. On average a 100mm slab can take up to 4 months until it is ready for installation, 150mm slab at least 8 months and 200 mm slab more than 12 months.

Installing a penetrative moisture barrier forms a non-destructive colloidal gel that acts as a permanent moisture and vapour barrier. This can withstand the hydrostatic pressure on green slabs and safeguard from the rising damp that occurs in older buildings.

Our trained technicians carry out testing and rectification prior to installation to ensure the safety of your new flooring.

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